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Tablet micro SD cards

If it seems too good to be true, it probably is.


Recently I purchased a 64GB microSD card through a marketplace I use often that was said to be from a major manufacturer for a very good but reasonable price (about 2X what a 32 GB costs instead of 2.5X) and in an original appearing package. On first connection it gave errors and seemed slow. I reformatted it but still seemed wrong.


Called the manufacturer and the numbers on the chip did not match a good one. Ran the bar code on the back and it came back as a much different device.


Apparently this is not a new situation and for more than you ever wanted to know including a utility to check see


What appears to be being done is to rewrite the SD Card partition table to change the number and ending sector to make a card "appear" larger. In my case it appears to be an 8GB card remarked as a 64 GB card. And a slow one (~4 MB/s write) at that.


The card may act normally for the first use of the drive up to its actual size but addresses beyond that limit may wrap back to the start and overwrite not just the original data but also the critical device information so that the next time it is loaded the device will be corrupt & all data lost.


Just to be clear, this is not an Acer issue, it related to microSD cards purchased elsewhere for use in our devices that you may encounter in the marketplace so be aware and know how to validate (either call the manufacturer with the numbers or run a fulll test).

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Re: Tablet micro SD cards

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I always use Class 10 from SanDisk. Never with noname or from eBay.

Any problem with 16, 32 or 64 Go. Some are in FAT32, NTFS or ext4. No data lost, no error.


Cross fingers :smileylol:


Use on HTC phone, Galaxy phone, Asus TF300T tablet (2 x 32), Acer W510, Nikon and Canon camera.

In France a 32 Go micro SDHC Class 10 SanDisk with adapter cost around 50 $ (and 70 $ for a 64 Go).


The Bible for SD Card: Wikipedia Secure Digital