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Recovery from USB - Windows 8


I've just bought an Acer laptop, Acer Aspire E1-571.


I created the recovery USB flash drive using the ACER eRecovery software from within Windows 8. It says it is successful and copies over 12GB to the flash drive.


I thought I would test it, to ensure it does actually work. So, I have change the boot order in the BIOS prioritise the flash drive and when restarted with the flash drive plugged in, it boots in to a blue screen where I have to choose a language. I then click on Use a Device (which it sucessfully identifies on the next page). I select the device and at this point the computer restarts and I'm taken back to the point where I choose a language. I presume it is not working as it should go to the next stages warning me to of complete loss of data etc.


I have tried full-formatting the flash drive as FAT32.


There are no BIOS updates available, nor are there any updates to the erecovery software.


I'd appreciate some help. Any ideas?


I've found a video on youtube, from Acer. However, she chooses "Troubleshoot" and not "Use a Device". Why?




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