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Recovery Aspire 5100 without using eRecovery

Hi there.


I am about to start recoving a friends Acer 5101 Laptop, but I dont have a system recovery disk. I am aware that you can generate a factory recovery disk using eRecovery, but I am concerned that this with wither a) not work due to not knowing the passwords for it, b) it will generate a recovery disk infected with any viruses that are currently on the machine.


My question is threfore, can i rebuild the laptop using a generic XP O/S build disk, or does the Acer have to use the eRecovery generated disk? I am aware that some systems Ilike IBM think Pads, generate bespoke partitions as part of the recovery so that you can only do it using the correct recovery disks.


Would sppreciate any information you can provide on this. I know that a generic disk will not have any of the factory installed software options that came with the machines, but I'm thinking that this is less important than being able to rebuild the system that has become almost unuseable.


Thanks in advance.

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Re: Recovery Aspire 5100 without using eRecovery

Try booting the comptuer and hitting ALT + F10 when you get the splash screen. That will access the recovery partition on that hard drive.

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Re: Recovery Aspire 5100 without using eRecovery

Thanks for the information. I'll give that a try once i get my hands on the machine.

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