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RAM Expansion Aspire X1470-UR26


After reading the other post here RE: RAM for a 1470-UR26 I still don't see mentioned if the OEM RAM is "High Density" or "Low Density".

When I chatted with a Crucial RAM store sales person, they could NOT tell me if the RAM that comes factory-installed is high or low density RAM!!

Crucial sells BOTH types for the Acer X1470-UR26... Which should I buy?

Thanks in advance for any help!!


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Re: RAM Expansion Aspire X1470-UR26




The DIMM slots supports 240-pin unbuffered DDR3 SDRAM modules

Data rate supported: 800/1066/1333 MT/s

Maximum memory: 16 GB (using four 4 GB modules)
The density inforamtion is unavaliable.
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Re: RAM Expansion Aspire X1470-UR26

Thanks much for the information!


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