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Problems with acer aspire s7 keyboard

Can anyone give suggestion. My tab button on acer aspire s7 keyboard always move non-stop after press it more than 5 times. what should i do? Do I have to download any software? please let me know. thank you

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Re: Problems with acer aspire s7 keyboard

not sure i understand what you mean


TAB key keeps moving after you press it ?


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Re: Problems with acer aspire s7 keyboard

Acer aspire s7 does have keyboard problems.  I was typing something within various webforms, emails, comments within google chrome and firefox and all of a sudden, the backspace stopped working.  Then i starting hitting delete and instead of deleting one character at a time, it started deleting entire words.  Instead of being able to type anything, I was unable to type at all.  I think it has something to do with having the ELAN setting i went into the control panel...devices and printers...mouse and then ELAN and checked the box which states..disable when external USB pointing devices is plugged in.  I'm suspecting that the sensitivity is too high on the mouse track pad and interferes with the keyboard itself somehow!



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