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Preparing Automatic Repair

So, last night I tried to reformat my ACER V3 551G laptop with the Acer Recovery tool so I said okay I'll do it, but it took to long like 35% for like 5 hours. Seriously HP does it in like 30 minutes to reformat their laptops, but anyways. I got fed up and was tired and went to bed and now today the laptop is stuck in a loop for and keeps on saying Preparing Automatic Repairs and Diagnosing your PC and it just stalls there. I tried to go to safe mode but it doesn't work. I tried command prompt but it doesn't work or either that I don't know the proper commands to these things. It did not come with recovery disk or any disk at all, but a crappy manuel. Seriously this would never happen on HP because it would have finished in like 30 minutes and none of this would happen. If I don't get this fixed. I'm never buying anything from Acer at all anymore. I just need some help to get to safemode or command prompt or something stop this. I can't even get to Windows 8 Recovery. I did it the first time but I did the process of doing the repairs again to see if it worked but still does it and I forgot how to get back. Can anyone help me seriously this is fustrating.

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Re: Preparing Automatic Repair

Three failed boot attempts should take you into Windows 8 recovery. If the computer is not going into safe mode or to the command prompt, you would most likely need to restore it using recovery disks. I recommend you contact warranty support for your region to inquire about ordering recovery media. You can also order media online at

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Re: Preparing Automatic Repair

I'm having the same problem.  The laptop is only 3 months old!  I even tried inserting another Windows 8 DVD after changing the boot order.  The installation program then stalled.

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