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Poor Wifi on new Aspire R7-571


Re: Poor Wifi on new Aspire R7

i had r7 with 330xxxxx snid, it was working like a charm, never had disconnected or low signal.

i returned it cause no one in acer tech knew about what accessories it has and about tech issue.

so i returned it and will wait for Haswell version cause i like it alot.


Re: Poor Wifi on new Aspire R7

If I do try the route of getting a replacement from Acer, do I loss the ability to return it to Best Buy?


Re: Poor Wifi on new Aspire R7

Go through Best Buy not Acer

They are aware ofthe problem

I have went to the Geek squad many times

There is no fix

They have to fix or replace it

Sooner or later a new one will comeout or a fix

dont give up

thats what they want

Good luck


New User

Re: Poor Wifi on new Aspire R7

Update. checked again, no BB anywhere around me in Florida with SNID above 322xxx. Got another in the box, currently unopened 319xxx, but it did get me another 15 days (BB return policy) to wait on things such as higher SNID out there, fix, this one 319xxx randomly working-haven't tried, the haswell to come out or have a release date, response from Acer, OR...


I also bought and am evaluating the Yoga 13.  Got a great deal on it $300 off at Megasale OfficeDepot $799, might be over?. We all have different needs... Mine is primarly disktop replacement with portability.  I am finding the full HD in the Yoga at 128MB SSID makes the machine SNAPPIER as expected, though 128 is a little weak.  I really miss the 15" IPS, but this is 13 IPS.  I bought external 24" Monitor and a Logitech combo high end mouse and wireless keyboard - SOLVED that problem even better than 15". Going to old school a little I know on keyboard and mouse but it is nice SIZED on all accounts.  Best part is DUAL MONITOR is AWESOME.  Open two Excel files, drag one right with Windows 8 set to (extend monitor) and now the alternate spreadsheet on the right monitor so can see both easily.  Also nice for Skype conversations while collaborating on a document, etc.  Of course the WIFI is great on the Yoga (no issues) and keyboard is a little nicer.  It is lighter 3.5 vs 5 lbs.  Wierd how keyboard on your lap in tablet mode, but I can survive that - AS all of you I do like the R7 form factor better... if it only had wifi fixed, was 2 lbs lighter, a SSD full - which I was going to user upgrade anyway too. (It is nice to know the yoga has a second free SSD slot and a memory slot and battery replaceable as well so both machines upgradable).


So another 14 days, we will see what you guys do ACER/BB about it and if I end up keeping the smaller screen, worse factor, faster SSD, lighter, WIFI and space bar working Yoga, or not.  PS one reason for the sale on the Yoga I suppose is this one is not Haswell, but says 5.5 hours battery which is enough, I haven't tested.  Haswell is also ahead of the game I think on the Yoga but expected soon on the Acer R7. Good luck all.  And I am VERY glad some of you with 330x plus are working great wifi!!


PS - ACER CORY - I never heard back from you my friend with my request to verify if I sent in you'd get me a non refurb, wifi guaranteed fixed, no shipping cost, 330x+ fully function R7... I await your response while I work on this competitor's PC...


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Re: Poor Wifi on new Aspire R7


I'm concernd about this problem, I really like the R7 because the screen, I'm a graphic designer student and I want this laptop beacuse the screen and the RAM, my other option is a Lenovo Y400 (Poor screen 1366x768, 6GB RAM, Nvidia GT 750m 2GB, 1TB HDD)

Here in Mexico there is a ACER R7-571-6455 model with:

  • INTEL CORE I5-3337U
  • 8 GB RAM
  • 750 GB HDD

Does anyone know if this model don't have the same wifi problem? If it comes with the Atheros wifi module it will work fine?
Does anyone have updater the BIOS and the Wifi drivers? (Acer released some patches this month).

Do I try Aspire R7 o go for Lenovo?, both on same price range $80 usd difference.

Re: Poor Wifi on new Aspire R7

I end up sending my new replacement they send , since it had same **bleep** Wi-Fi issue + spacebar didn't work, expecting to receive brand new replacement today , I'm positive this also will have the same Wi-Fi issue.


Here is the summary:


-          Bought R7 preorder ( biggest mistake I ever made in my life)

-          Worst Wi-Fi reception. My 6 year old laptop has 20 times better reception then this one

-          Send it for repair twice ( so 3 weeks I didn’t get to use this device)

-          Same problem after repair , Acer decided to send me a new unit

-          New unit had same **bleep** Wi-Fi issue + spacebar didn’t work ( you have to hit right at the center to make it to work)

-          After 4 chat and 1 phone call they decided to exchange with another new unit. Even though they send me the 

           replacement unit to me , they don’t have the serial number in their system

-          I’m waiting to receive the new unit today (9/19/2013) and hope this will address the issue ( I happen to think , it’s

           not going to work)


I’m positive Acer knows about this, they are trying to down play this issue and expect this issue to disappear.


When you talk/chat to support everyone is too quick to apologize but they don’t really understand your frustration.


This is $1000 investment and customer put trust in your company and bought this unit.


Every single time I chat with support I have to explain the whole nine yards again and again.


Level 1 or Level 2 nobody knows or aware how big this issue is, let the support people know this issue Acer, so that they wont sound like broken record to the customer.



Re: Poor Wifi on new Aspire R7

Acer letting their innovative design go down in the toilet by not addressing this issues properly. They called me and asked about my experience with the new Acer R7 laptop I bought, I told her I have a major issue with this laptop, and she said please contact support and she won’t be able to help me and hang up. Wow….

Re: Poor Wifi on new Aspire R7

You are not OnefrustratedR7, you are thousands!


A typical post on here gets a few replies and the problem is resolved. This thread has to be the longest in history. Everyone needs to send links to it to everyone that reviews ACER products.


I make this promise to any of the Acer people that seem to read these posts and send me nasty emails. You can have my credit card to pay for a brand new R7. When I get it, if the WIFI works as well as my old Windows XP laptop, you can double the price. If the WIFI does not work as well as my old Windows XP laptop, you give me double my money back.


That is how sure I am that they have no clue about this issue and continue to send out models that do not work. I am tired of reading of all the replacements that either do not work, or stop working.


You have to give Acer credit, they have shown that no matter what their customers say or do, they will continue to sell a machine with known problems.


Re: Poor Wifi on new Aspire R7

My mistake, I just saw another thread on here double the size of this one talking about bad WIFI! I should just triple my bet with Acer! No way they send out machines with working WIFI! WOW!

New User

Re: Poor Wifi on new Aspire R7

Just purchased my R7 today and have definitely noticed a slow connection compared to Asus ul30a this unit replaced and also my samsung sg4 phone gets a fster connection