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No Bluetooth on Windows 8.1 after upgrade.

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Hello, unsure if this is the right place to get support for drivers but its worth a shot just to post and hopefully get a answer. I had Windows 8 on my Aspire 5560G. Bluetooth worked flawlessly. I upgraded to Windows 8.1 and my bluetooth no longer works. I tried getting the latest Atheros Bluetooth Driver for Windows 8 (8.0.0000.0206) which I already had but it is not compatible with Windows 8.1 (Unless I am doing something wrong) Bluetooth doesn't show up in Control Panel nor Device Manager. Wondering if there is a updated driver or Acer doesn't support 8.1 on my laptop. Thank you in advance for your help!


Unsure if it matters but I just updated the post to provide in my services both Bluetooth Support Service and the Atheros BT Stack Service Agent are running.

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Re: No Bluetooth on Windows 8.1 after upgrade.

Eric, I'm sorry that this happened to you. Microsoft labelled Windows 8.1 as an upgrade for tax purposes, but it is not an upgrade. Windows 8.1, by itself, is a complete operating system that is similar to Windows 8. When you installed it, you lost your Acer drivers and voided your warranty. However, it isn't hopeless.


Go to Computer (formerly "My Computer") and see if your original recovery partition is still there. If it is there, you might be able to restore Windows 8.


But hold on. The manufacturer might come out with drivers later on. Does your laptop have WiFi? Is 8.1 working all right everywhere else? Acer might come out with drivers later on as well. If you can still use WiFi without problems, you might be better off considering it a fair trade--you gave up your Bluetooth for a newer operating system.

Hope this helps.
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Re: No Bluetooth on Windows 8.1 after upgrade.

Yes Wifi is working flawlessly. The original recovery partition is no longer there I think it disappeared when I did the upgrade from Windows 7. I use Bluetooth more than WiFi anyway because my laptop is no longer a laptop (broken LCD screen) I tend to use it as a computer and just use a wired LAN. I didn't have a USB Bluetooth reciever and I have a bluetooth keyboard and mouse. Plus transferring files from cellphone to computer through bluetooth. Hopefully drivers come out soon for Windows 8.1 for bluetooth unsure why WiFi would work and not bluetooth.

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Re: No Bluetooth on Windows 8.1 after upgrade.

Perform a clean install instead of a Store Upgrade, then install the lastest drivers from the Acer Website; make sure to select the right operating system.


Hope that helps, did for me.

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