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Need gma 3600 driver for windows 8 64-bit

I really need GMA 3600 for my AON D270, Windows 8 64-bit. I can't play game without it
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Re: Need gma 3600 driver for windows 8 64-bit

Currently Intel has not released a Windows 8 compatible driver for the Intel GMA 3600 chipset.

Important Links: US Driver Downloads | Knowledge Base Articles | Service Locations
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Re: Need gma 3600 driver for windows 8 64-bit

I have an Acer Aspire z1650 who has GMA 3600, and in your website says that the AIO is totally compatible with Windows 8. Why did you say that? Did Microsoft forced you to put it? As customers have a right to know if it is compatible. I ask you please to erase that is compatible with Windows 8 Acer Aspire Z1650.

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Re: Need gma 3600 driver for windows 8 64-bit

I to have the gma3600 and I am disappointed that intel refuses to support this graphic card.  Microsoft continue to say that it is compatible. Well it is if60 you use the basic driver but what good it that.  I feel like I was ripped off by Both Acer and Intel on this issue.  I bought the upgrade with my purchase of my laptop.  Why I did, just so i could throw money at microsoft.  intel knows they can fix this issue but choose not too.  This just shows how powerful they are in the computer business.  Well thats fine, but just remember what goes around coms around.  And when android computer come to market using the cortex chip.  bye bye intel.


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