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My Aspire screen wont turn on...

New User

My Aspire screen wont turn on...

Hello wonderful people of the acer forums!


My problem is that a few months ago my charging port on my acer aspire 5338/5738 broke away from the motherboard, now this is fixed and it gets power again, however the screen wont start up, even though all the cables are connected,  everything else lights up though...



Re: My Aspire screen wont turn on...

Hi Jackstartman11


to reduce the reasons that could be causing the issue you should try serveral things. This will help identifying.


Does is shows nothing also during POST? (when booting the Acer logo apperas and you can enter in bIOS, etc) This would identify a software issue. If no image even durng post then


1) try with an external screen. If it works good news. It is not the graphic mobo that is attached to the main mobo. If it does not work then we have trouble as it could be related to the mobo.


2) If step 1 worked then check the screen closelly (after removing the extrnal lcd and rebooting). Is it really not showing anythink or if you look closely you can identify in the dark the normal screen. If you can see the image in the background though extremelly dark then you willl need to replace the inverter which is a small part that is reponsible for iluminating the lcd. The price should be quite low.


If you see absolutelly nothing it might be cables or even that the lcd broke. But I dont know how to help you more...