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My Aspire One D257-1497 will not power on.

As stated, the laptop was puchased last year and when I finally needed it it will not power up nor is the battery charge light lit when I plug it up.  It worked when I first purchased it but has since stopped.  I have tried different cords and that has not worked either.  What elase can be done?  Thanks.

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Re: My Aspire One D257-1497 will not power on.


Do we understand that you haven't used the computer for a period and that it just sat in-the-box?

My best guess from afar is that the battery is discharged and may no longer accept a new charge.

Can you power on with the battery removed using only the power adaptor (charger)?  -- with a known functioning power adaptor?

The possibilities are one or combination of:

Battery is faulty

Adaptor is faulty

Computer is faulty.

Since you have possession of the computer you are the only one who can test logically to see what the cause of the fault is.


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Re: My Aspire One D257-1497 will not power on.

This didnt fix anything.  I guess there is something wrong with the laptop itself.  Any other ideas?

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Re: My Aspire One D257-1497 will not power on.

Try removing the battery, unplugging the unit and then pressing and holding the power button for 30 seconds. Then let go and replace the battery and power cord and try and turn it on. Does it light up at all?


If that didn't work, try removing the battery and turning it on plugged in to the adapter only. If there is an issue with your battery or power board this could help. If it still doesn't turn on then you likely have something wrong with your power board, considering you have tried other adapters already.

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