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My ACER monitor flickers

My ACER monitor flickers. I contacted the NVIDIA support, and they tried to help me by setting the reolution to 1280x1024 and 75 refresh rate in the NVIDIA Control Settings, but that did not help. Once I told then them that I was using a ACER monitor they told me to contact ACER support.


More information on the situation....

I started out with a dell computer...
My work gave me a computer that was rebuilt in the IT office -

I brought it home and and threw away my old computer, but kept the dell monitor (regular 15 inch dell monitor) and plugged it in to the newer computer. At this point everything worked fine.

Then my work upgraded the work monitors so I got to bring one home - ACER 19in Monitor

This is when the problems of the flickering started.......


Everything should work fine, becuase I have the same computer at work, and the ACER Monitor worked fine with that.

I know its a problem with some setting, but I don't know what setting it is! I think it has to do with progamming the computer to be compatable with the ACER 19 inch.


I can tell you the stuff that my computer came with... to update something with a CD id something went wrong...

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Re: My ACER monitor flickers

I would definitly make sure that your video drivers are up to date and if that doesn't fix it you could try changing the color settings, the refresh rate down to 60 Hz.

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