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Laptop keeps turning off (5742Z)

Hi all, I have an Acer Aspire 5742z which has served me well since I got it in Jan 2011.  


However, over the past week its developed an annoying and worrying problem where all of a sudden it will just turn off without warning.  This has happened whilst running on battery only and whilst I have had the lead plugged in for charging.


I'm a bit miffed at why its doing this all of a sudden as before now I have never had a problem with it.  My first thought was of course 'is it the battery?'


Do laptop batteries normally have a 'shelf life' and could this be an indication I need a new one?  Or could this be an indication of something more serious?


I'll appreciate any help on the matter.

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Re: Laptop keeps turning off (5742Z)

does happen while battery is removed and on adapter only?

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Re: Laptop keeps turning off (5742Z)

Sorry completely forgot about this I posted.  I thought I had found the problem - my laptop kept going off whenever I played Candy Crush on Facebook.


However, it now does it for other things such as when I'm editing photos (using PMB - this is my camera software) or even when I'm watching a video (on youtube or one embeded on a site, such as the GTA V gameplay trailer on the Rockstar website).


It seems the laptop keeps overheating whenever its using a lot of processing power - could it be the processor packing up or perhaps the cooling fan (if there actually is one!).  I've felt the laptop undeneath whenever its "switched off" and its absoluetly red hot.


Its pretty poor that I'm experiencing these problems since I've only had the laptop 2 1/2 years.

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Re: Laptop keeps turning off (5742Z)

more likely with that behavior scan for viruses

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Re: Laptop keeps turning off (5742Z)

If computer stops working after being on for several minutes, it is very likely to be a heat problem.

Check to see that the fan is running. If not, try to clean it by blowing it out (gently).

Or you may need a new fan.

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Re: Laptop keeps turning off (5742Z)

[ Edited ]

You can blow into it if you want,  it wont do anything because the dust doesnt build up on the fan itself, it builds up on the 'exhaust' area... Of which is covered with a sponge type blocker.


If you have the confidence, and steady hand, fix it yourself and save $200 by simply remove the screws from the laptop underside, remove the battery and other casing.


Next you have to remove the keyboard which can be tricky, I recommend using a plastic removal tool as if you use metal you can damage the clips...  Start by locating the clips around your keyboard and once you get a little gap going, pry something underneath it which will add a little pressure and cause the others to pop off easily when you press them in.


Remove keyboard SLOWLY because it is connected by a connection underneath.  Push the plastic clamp outwards to remove the connection strip.


Next you will see two connectors, one is for power from the on/off button, the other is something else, but just gently unclip them.


Then, you have to locate the clips for the upper casing of the laptop.  Perhaps start with the top left and right corners, pushing up until you can locate a clip, which once located you can push with the tool you used to remove your keyboard.


Once all clips are removed, gently lift up (you do not have to remove the whole upper casing) check to see if there are any more connectors (there should be 3 i think) 


Remove them and you will see the fan in the top right corner.  It will appear to only have a little dust on it, but by simply removing the 3 screws, you'll be able to remove you're fan and get access to the 'sponge type' exhaust thing, which will be COVERED in dust bunnies.... Which blocks the air outtake 


If your fan area was as bad as mine, it is the reason for your laptop shutting off... Your computer will run at around 50% faster and wont switch off anymore... Providing you replace all the connections properly when doing the above in the reverse order after clearing out your fan!!


TIPS - Use a static bracelet incase you're covered in electricy and pass it on to the components of the motherboard...

         After every screw you remove, note on paper if it was a long screw, small screw, small screw with a blue thread, gold screw, and after every bus/ide cable you remove - write it down so you can refer to it when rebuilding.



Good Luck!


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Re: Laptop keeps turning off (5742Z)

I just have the exact same problem happened to my Aspire 5733 (less than 2 years old).  Please let me know whether your had the problem fixed by cleaning the fan as suggested.  Thank you.

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Re: Laptop keeps turning off (5742Z)

I think I discovered a possible solution - I usually use my laptop on my bed on top of my laptop case.  I think this was blocking some of the "air ducts" underneath and having raised it up, it doesn't switch off as often anymore.


Still strange how it didn't do this in the past though...



As for cleaning it out - that's a big no-no for me!  I would rather not risk taking my laptop apart.

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Re: Laptop keeps turning off (5742Z)

I've cleand, my laptop out. There was to much dust inside, but it still. Turns off and, on. Is the computer, still thinks. That the laptop, has the problem ? Can anyone, point me in the right direction, PLZ ?
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