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Internal fan issue with S7-391

New User

Internal fan issue with S7-391



I'm working on a solution to my S7's fan which makes a grinding noise every time I rotate the computer to the vertical position.  When the computer is flat on a desk, the fan works just fine with minimal noise but when I recline and hold the computer on my knees, with the screen tilted vertical, to watch a movie, a grinding noise comes from inside the computer.  I took off the back cover to diagnose the problem and it appears that fan #2 (the smaller of the two fans) rubs on the fan shroud when the computer is held vertically.  Very annoying.


I contacted Acer's customer service (Indian call centre) which informed me that I would have to send in my computer for 10-15 days.  I know what the problem is - the fan needs to be replaced but I can't seem to find any s7 parts available on ebay, etc.  Installation takes under 2 minutes do I'm keen on doing the repair myself.  Does anyone know where to get a replacement S7 fan or a shop that would be able to supply one?


And for those who are interested, Acer has employed a way to prevent self-repairs.  The computer will not turn on with the back cover removed on the S7.  A few of the screws are connected to a switch which prevents the computer from switching on with the back removed.  Simply screw in the screws which have a small copper section on the board around the screw hole and you'll be able to boot the computer to diagnose your system issue.


Thanks in advance for the  help.


Re: Internal fan issue with S7-391

Any chance you'd post some pictures of the internals?


Love to see the system board.. 




Re: Internal fan issue with S7-391

I too am having a similar problem.

My small (right keyboard side) fan was working fine until this morning.  I turned the computer on, and now when the small fan turns on, it makes a non-stop grinding noise.  

I am wondering if there is a fix to this without sending the laptop in?  Or, where can I purchase a new fan?