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Installing sysprep Factory mode is taking ages



This question has been asked here before but wasnt answered I think. I hope I ll get an answer, I surely appreciate it.


I destroyed my harddrive on my Acer Aspire 5742 by dropping the laptop. DUH! I installed a new one and used my recovery dvds I burned when I had the laptop new. Its the second time I am doing the recovery and each time it hangs in sysprep Factory mode. First time I just restarted the laptop after few hours. Although everything seemed fine, my hard drive was making some noises and it seemed I had a GUI bug?? I am not too clever when it comes to computers.

So I thought I just do the recovery repair thing instead of installing everything new. I clicked on the second option but it went through the full new set up. Now it hangs in the same spot and its been at least 4 hours. I dont hear noises from my hard drive. Frozen? But I see those dots still moving. After googling up this issue it seems many people have been dealing with the same issue. Any advise what to do now? Leave it over night or reboot?

Thank you


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Re: Installing sysprep Factory mode is taking ages

sounds like maybe some other issue that is hanging

should call Acer local service center for help

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