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Iconia w510 after update to Windows 8.1

Iconia w510 after update to Windows 8.1

hello, after update my iconia tab, tablet very bad wake up, random close metro application and changes resolution after wake up, changes wallpapers etc... fw and driver are actually from your web. please, any solution? Can i downgrade to Windows 8 and no lost my savegames and data? thx

Re: Iconia w510 after update to Windows 8.1

I had problems with 8.1 on my Iconia W510 (ie 11 would NOT open from Start page but WOULD open from desktop) so i had the unit perform a reload of windows...the most basic choice provided, called,  "Refresh your pc without affecing Fies"...this took me back to win OS 8.  I then proceeded to download 8.1 again and everything works fine now.  Good Luck!


Re: Iconia w510 after update to Windows 8.1

But when you used this choice the w510 asked  you some disk like system o recovery or original windows dvd? You have the version 32gb version or 64 with hide partition recovery? SO at the end you have reload wondows 8 with all acer drivers and  programs?


Re: Iconia w510 after update to Windows 8.1

My system is the Iconia W510-1422 64gb.  Yes it has the hide partition storage.  If you are using just the tablet with no hide partition then you probably will have to purchase the reset discs (which i did after a horrendous experience on my first W510, or perhaps you backed up all your startup files to a usb based "thumbdrive". i have found these to be sensitive units that need to be dealt with slowly and patiently.  I actually screwed my first one up so badly that i sent it back and thank GOD, Amazon sent me a new one.  The act of resetting the hardrive to the original files is covered in other earlier posts by others in the W510 community. Critical to know: If you are reimaging from a usb port, the usb feed or hub must be a "powered" usb hub...otherwise the computer moves faster than the usb connection and will ignore it.  None of this is explained anywhere by Acer but it makes sense.  On my current W510-1422 (w/keyboard) i just went to "update and recovery" "Recovery" then "Refresh your pc without affecting your files"  on my unit this requires no outside source of data from dvd or usb.  The computer has the original OS stored and recovers it.  You, however, may have to purchase the recovery dvd. After i got OS 8 working properly i downloaded 8.1 again and this time with success.