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Iconia B1 screen problem

I was very proud to be among the first in Malaysia to own a B1 as I was told it was not even officially launched. I bought it right away when I saw it at an IT Fair.


That was about a week ago. Last night, I brought it to an event, wanting to show it off to friends who had been boasting about the iPad Mini and Samsung, and I wanted to show that I had a mini tablet which was as good as theirs - and cost me less.


It turned out to be embarassing! As I tried to touch icons on the top half of the screen, nothing happened. It seemed only the bottom half of the screen could respond. I could not even get to settings as the icon was on the top section, so I could not auto-rotate the display. It was hopeless and I kept wiping my fingers, asking others to try but nothing happened.


In the end, I had to endure remarks like 'buy cheap brand and see what happens?' and 'save up and get the real thing bro!'.


Acer - you let me down!! 

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Re: Iconia B1 screen problem

Go to service centre for sure.
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Re: Iconia B1 screen problem

OK, screen freeze fixed. System was reset. As usual, Acer Malaysia's service centre provide while-you-wait service (if no major repair is needed) and total time spent from arrival to departure was 55 minutes. I've dealt with other companies but no one comes close for efficiency. Others will tell you to leave it for a few days, even just to run a check.

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