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How to replace graphic card Aspire 5920G?

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Re: How to replace graphic card Aspire 5920G?

Oops... I forgot to write my text.....

My ACER Aspire 5920G is provided with the Nvidea GeForce 8600M GT Graphics card. I have high evidence that this is defective so I have te replace it.

I opened the bottom of the laptop (after having removed the battery) and I think to have identified the card: the metal part under the yellow-copper shaft that extends alongside the processor fan. The WiFi "Antenna" is situated above this cage. This card is attached with 4 screws. After removing those the metal cage can not be taken out so I shall have to do more than I did up to now.

Can anybody help me by elucidating this question?

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Re: How to replace graphic card Aspire 5920G?

I think the card is probably part of the motherboard and would require a complete motherboard replacement.  I haven't seen seperate video cards, like in a desktop, on notebook is years and years.

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Re: How to replace graphic card Aspire 5920G?

Just use diassamble manual from acer or look for it in youtube

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