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How to activate bluetooth with Windows 8


i have installed windows 8, but bluetooth are now not active.

Because I had to get 16 gb to install windows 8, I do not know now how to start bluetooth



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Re: How to activate bluetooth with Windows 8

Problem solved by downloading Device Control and installing and using Device Control

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Re: How to activate bluetooth with Windows 8

You can activate bluetooth in win 8 from:

Swipe from right - Settings - Change PC settings - Wireless - Bluetooth

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Re: How to activate bluetooth with Windows 8

How can i detect the bluetooth of my laptop using my smart phone? The laptop unit is acer v5 touch windows 8.

Also there is no bluetooth icon in the app list. Does it have a driver that needs to be installed?

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bluetooth on win8

where can we download such??


m having this kind of problem also. windows 8 is really something new to me.

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Re: How to activate bluetooth with Windows 8

W500 Tablet. Smatphone Samsung S3 mini.



After days and nights Sreen Rotation and Bluetooth are working.!!!

I tried to upgrade from Windows 7 ... After that :

My solution :

1. Install Win 8 with Format totally.

2. Screen rotation (G-Sensor) doesn't work if Device Copntrol is not there.

3. Install Control Device from Acer site choise Win7 32 in Applications and not in drivers.

4. Unzip and install with compatibility Win 7 - Setup.exe - Restart

5. Install G-Sensor in Drivers Win 7.

6. Unzip and install with compatibility Win 7 - Setup.exe - Restart

And Scren rotation is OK.


1. Install Bluetooth suite from Drivers Win 8 Upgrade.

2. Unzip and install it.

3. Look in System if it is OK. If not, ugrade the pilot.

4. And ... Bluetooth is working.

5. In the charm tool bar : Add a new device.

6. BT recognises my smatphone and Appairs it.

7. Open BT from the Phone Icone and synchronise ...

8. It's operating.!!!


Will you excuse my English but I hope you will undersand me.



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