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How to Backup+Restore Iconia W700P (53314G12as)

Greetings, I have readed that restores W700p is a pain. 1st need to use Legacy Bios. Then Plug external Usb Dvd cd Reader, OMG

I only want to know if someday my beloved dont works properly How to Restore without getting ILL.


After Opening my Iconia box surprise! I have not The CDS/Dvds for restoring so... WHAT SHOULD I WILL DO?


I hope some great soul should aid me, I have no media to rescue. Then using third party like ACRONIS cannot pre-boot.

If i can´t load windows 8 at starts what should i will do to restore ?


Thanks and good day. My apologices i am not english native so forgive any mistakes at grammar. Bye

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