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How can I change my desktop backgrown?

How can I change my desktop background?


My computer jumps sometimes, why?


Also, it runs slow and says it has 50-70% usage of memory when it is sitting idle, why?

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Re: How can I change my desktop backgrown?

Good day


Which model computer and operating system are you using?




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Re: How can I change my desktop backgrown?

I have an Acer Aspire One and Windows 7.

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Re: How can I change my desktop backgrown?

that computer comes with windows 7 starter which does not allow you to change the desktop background out of the box. there is theme manager software that you can download to enable you to change the background though. one example is stardock my colors theme manager.


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Re: How can I change my desktop backgrown?

I downloaded Personalization Panel so I could change my background as well as change the color and transparency of the taskbar.  You can even download themes to use on it.

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