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Help? I uninstalled my Acer Crystal Eye Webcam and I cant get it back?!

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Okay so last week I got my brand new Acer Aspire V5-171 as a present from my mom from the UK then a few days ago I had this problem with the "Acer Crystal Webcam" because everytime I open it, it says "No webcam detected. Try plugging in blablabla" so I searched the net for solutions but unfortunately, I didn't found a single solution Smiley Sad


I didnt even changed a single setting on this netbook and I was wondering why the heck did it suddenly malfunction Smiley Sad 


I even system restored my netbook thinking it will work even if this netbook is brand new but sadly, the message "No webcam detected" keeps popping up


So I tried to download an "Acer Crystal Eye Video Class Webcam" from cnet.com and while installing it, it asked me to uninstall Acer Crystal Eye Webcam first. So I did, unaware of the situation. 


Unfortuantely when the Acer Crystal Eye Video Class webcam finished to install it said "No webcam found" and it didnt even worked too. Im so worried I tried downloading cyberlink from acer but it said "No webcam found" too D:


What on earth should I do?! I lost the official Acer Crystal Webcam software and I dont know what to do, you guys are my only chance so please help me? Smiley Sad


Also I cant register this netbook because everytime I enter the serial number it says that it is invalid..

I have an Acer Aspre V5-171

OS: Windows 7 64-bit

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Re: Help? I uninstalled my Acer Crystal Eye Webcam and I cant get it back?!

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