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HDMI stopped working on Aspire S5

Hi there,


hope someone can help - I plug my S5 into an external monitor using the HDMI adapter provided with the S5 - it's always worked fine in the past... however went to plug in today and nothing comes up on the monitor.


I've tried to troubleshoot - I plugged the laptop into the tv with a cable I know works and still no output, so must be a problem with the HDMI port on the laptop - given the laptop is relatively new, well looked after, and USED to work fine, I don't have any reason to believe it's hardware related, I think that something must have happened to the driver, maybe when windows updated as these happen automatically and I've read that people upgrading to Windows 8 pro have had HDMI problems.


When I plug the HDMI adapter in, it's not being recognised by the S5 - I've tried playing around with the windows settings - but it won't detect a monitor, and when tweaking the Intel settings also doesn't recognise the external monitor...


I've tried to find the driver, but there is no specific HDMI driver I don't think - I downloaded the VGA intel driver from the acer website thinking it might help, re-installed, but again no joy..


... not sure what else I can try...? any ideas appreciated!


Acer Aspire S5

Windows 8 (standard that comes with laptop)


Many thanks

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Re: HDMI stopped working on Aspire S5

HDMI would be though video driver

if port does not work, need to call for service center - Contact technical support in your region - Acer Service and Support

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Re: HDMI stopped working on Aspire S5

thanks - I have emailed them now... am guessing by the lack of responses this isn't a common fault

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Re: HDMI stopped working on Aspire S5

I am having the same problem with my Aspire if you get an answer please do share and I will do the same.

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