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Factory reset acer Iconia tablet a500

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Have Acer Iconia Tablet A500. NOT rooted. Forgot pattern. Screen went to sign into Google. Have two Google profiles associated with this tablet. Have tried bluetooth (no longer an option - phone lost 3g). Tried manipulating toggling keys and switches - no response. Tried USB keyboard, used esc key - got different lock screen, no response. Icons on status bar unresponsive. Stuck paperclip in reset hole - screen went black for a moment then back to Google sign in screen. Won't go online, no longer sees internet hot spot or homegroup. Took scandisk out, put in, toggled, pushed - no response. Using Asus k501j laptop on cable (no bluetooth), tethered USB to tablet - recognizes tablet as a camera. Downloaded some Acer tablet files, extracted and combined. Attempt to read tablet - no response. My brain is stuck on "what next?" Not a techie - require simple, step by step direction. Thank you!

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Re: Factory reset acer Iconia tablet a500

I suggest trying the steps on our article

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