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Dim screen on Acer One D255E-13647

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My netbook starts up but the screen is extremely dark. In sunlight, I can see the images faintly ... appears backlight is out. Has the LED LCD screen gone bad? I can hook it up to en external monitor and the external monitor works just fine. Just nothing on the netbook's LCD. Any ideas on how to fix?


P.s.  BIOS was updated, so not a BIOS issue

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Re: Dim screen on Acer One D255E-13647

I had a similar problem whereby the brightness level would even reduce before my eyes as I set it in the adjusting screen settings...even wiped the hard drive and re-installed the whole OS and it still was the same after a short while...then one day it fixed itself with no updates or may just need resetting so have you tried to reset the brightness in the power options ? on the battery icon in the right hand tray bar by the volume etc to reset.

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Re: Dim screen on Acer One D255E-13647

It seems to be a back light issue . contact technical support to schedule repair.

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