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Computer won't start from Sleep or Hibernate

ASPIRE M5100 - E530.  Windows Vista.  5 years old.  No previous mechanical problems.

Computer won't start up from Sleep or Hibernate modes.  Power & blue light still on - cpu make clicking sounds.  Only way to turn computer off is to turn off power source.  On occasion after re-starting, computer still will not start up - usually 2 or 3 attempts will do it.  Otherwise, when powered up, computer operates fine.

Any assistance on this please?

Cheers...Larry M.

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Re: Computer won't start from Sleep or Hibernate

Do you have power management? if not go to the control panel and go to power settings, and they should have options for sleeping and hibernation settings.

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Re: Computer won't start from Sleep or Hibernate

Check Device Manager/USB/ and open each of the Consumser Control Devices and check "Allow this device to wake...."


Probably best to power down/up to test.

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