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Change Display languge from chinese to english

Last week I bought an Iconia W700 from china

interface language is chinese , please help me how i can change display language to english.

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Re: Change Display languge from chinese to english

Yes, I need to know the same thing for my Acer Iconia B1. If anybody knows what the settings are (or what the icon for the language setting looks like) then pease let us know.


PS: To the original poster - If I find out how to do this, I will share the info with you aswell by updating it on here!


Wish me luck!!

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Re: Change Display languge from chinese to english

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EUREKA!! FOUND IT!! (....FINALLY!!)) LOL. Thankfully someone did a fantstic video tutorial on how to do this on any Android device (Thank God all Android devices have the same settings layouts and icons, or we'd be screwed!) lol. Anyways, here's a link to this tutorial, as I'm sure we can't be the only ones who have been looking for how to do this!





Hope this helps!!

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