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Can't access bios or boot menu in legacy mode?

Really hope someone can help me?  I own the Acer Aspire V5-571-6830 and wanted to weigh on my options of going from Windows 8 back to Windows 7.  Via Windows settings I booted into the Acer bios and shut off uefi and set legacy boot.  After setting that and after each reboot, I hold down or press repeatidly in different combinations "F2" or "F12" to get the bios menu or boot menu.  Then it tries to boot off the drive, but says there's no OS because Win 8 won't boot  that way.


All I want to do now, is just get back into Windows 8 and not deal with this anymore.

1) Tried re-installing Windows 8 with a backup USB I created.  Setup says the hard drives are locked when I tried to install.

2) I decided I should rollback to bios to 2.09.  In order to do this, I installed Windows 7 so that I could execute the flash program.  Now, I get the message that 2.09 is lower than the current bios version and cannot be applied.


So, any ideas?  If I can get into the bios and turn back on uefi booting, I can re-install Windows 8.

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Re: Can't access bios or boot menu in legacy mode?

F2 should still get you into the BIOS, make sure it's completely shutdown.


Once you get into the BIOS just load defaults and reload Win8.


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Re: Can't access bios or boot menu in legacy mode?

I've the same problem.

The F2 won't boot in legacy mode and the PC is stuck in loop trying to boot from legacy partition.

It seems that the F2 key isn't working (the key really work).

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Re: Can't access bios or boot menu in legacy mode?


I have the same problem too and I´ve tried shutting down the computer but it doesn´t seem to work.

When I turn the laptop back on I see the message to press F2 or F12 but none of them would work.


As aech I had switched from UEFI to Legacy Bios.


Isn´t there a jumper or a battery removal that would bring the UEFI/BIOS to factory settings?

Thanks in advanced


My laptop is an Aspire V 571PG

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Re: Can't access bios or boot menu in legacy mode?

While unable to advise you with your current boot problem (I’ve not seen this before), you should note that if you wish to switch from UEFI to Legacy you *must* disable ‘secure boot’ first. Not doing so is also the cause of the HDD becoming locked.


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