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Broken Touch Glass

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Hello, back in January, me and my father purchased an Acer Aspire V5 for my mother's birthday. It cost about $500 and has a capacitative touch screen. About a month ago, my mom left the dummy sd card on top of the keyboard and didn't even close it all the way. She heard a crushing sound, and upon opening the laptop, the bottom left corner where the card was had been cracked. While it isn't the worst cosmetic damage I've seen on a screen, it rendered the touch screen unusable (constant erratic touches all over the screen) and we wanted to get it fixed for that reason. It seemed like the screen would have to be pretty weak for that to break it...


We took it to Best Buy Geek Squad (unfortunately did not purchase the coverage), and they just got it back, saying they couldn't fix it because they couldn't source a part. Apparenly they talked with Acer, who couldn't get the part.


So what do we do to get this fixed? If they won't do it, I'd probably do the repair myself (if I could find parts). I'm just not sure whether the glass is fused to the lcd/digitizer or to what extent it needs to be replaced. Thanks in advance.


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Re: Broken Touch Glass




Sorry to hear about the accidental damage to the screen of your Aspire V5. 


Suggest you contact your Acer regional support service to find out what the cost of the repair of this damage unit will be and if parts are available. The technician will assist you and ask you for credit card information if the unit can be set up for repair.  Screens are not amongst parts that are user friendly to replace and we suggest you service the unit.


We would suggest contacting technical support, Acer Service and Support, in your region for further assistance with this issue.


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