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Battery charging problem

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I have an Acer Aspire 5542 purchased December 2009 and in the last few months have had problems with battery charging. I get error messages saying "Plugged in not charging" or "Plugged in charging" but the battery indicator does not move except for a few seconds when I first switch on. I have just purchased a replacement battery but the problem remains. I have seen suggestions that I might need to upgrade my BIOS to fix this, if so how do I do that. Any other help would be appreciated. Acer premium helpline tell me I can update the BIOs which is currently Phoenix v. 1.03 but it would be at my own risk! Three possible Bios upgrades are suggested on the Acer website.


I am running Windows 7 Professional.

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Re: Battery charging problem



Have you ruled out hardware problem. Is adapter working correctly and is the entry point of adapter not faulty (loose or bent pins).


Other choice is to check with your regional support center for servicing if you are not sure about doing a BIOS update if that is the issue rather than a material issue.


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