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Battery Life of Acer Aspire One D270 DECREASED!


I have a problem with Aspire One D270 Battery. My battery cell is 6-cell Li-ion Battery, but I said "That's Weird", Cause I know that a 6-Cell Li-ion Battery lasts 8 hours..... but my Battery only lasts 4-5 hours or, I don't know, cause it changes when I connect something like Cooling Pad, USB, HeadPhones, even if I change themes and background. I don't know if this an effect of overcharged or using netbook when charging or using when charging and fully charged. Also, sometimes I accidentally drop my Charger. My Processor is Intel Atom N2800 ( 1.86 GHz) 2 GB of RAM. My O.S. is Windows 7 Ultimate 32-bit... Is this a problem or something??? Help Me!!!

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Re: Battery Life of Acer Aspire One D270 DECREASED!

There is no set battery life for any device. Battery life depends on usage, screen brightness, running processes, use of speakers (volume),wireless networking, power settings, hard drive activity, anything that draws power really. 4-5 hours is typical for an Aspire One assuming you're actually USING the device. Accidentally dropping your charger, while not very good for it, isn't exactly a good thing. But it wouldn't cause a decrease in battery life. It's more a matter of it works or it doesn't. Not much of a grey zone. If you're not happy with your battery life you either need to lower your power usage or you can try a battery cycle. To do this go to safe mode (F8 during start up) and unplug your unit. Let it die completely, DO NOT PLUG IT IN. Once it turns off on its own plug it in and turn on the computer. Load into regular windows. Let it charge compeletely without touching it or running any programs.
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