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- BIOS Beep Codes?

Having problems with my predator ag3620-ur20p.  I get 6 beeps on post, nothing after that.  What typ of bios do I have ? 

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Re: - BIOS Beep Codes?



This could be an hardware issue.

You may conatct support in your computer  :

If  you have a unit from US or Canada, you may also live chat with an Acer technician at : Acer live chat

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Re: - BIOS Beep Codes?

 have no luck understanding heavily accented english, due to being hard of hearing. Thought I could find out bios information here.

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Re: - BIOS Beep Codes?

Looking at the BIOS file on the Acer download site for the G3620 (I cannot find AG3620) it appears you have an AMI BIOS.
If that is correct, 6 beeps indicates a 'Gate A20 failure'. In short, this means the keyboard controller IC has failed.
The resolution, of course, is to replace the keyboard controller.


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Re: - BIOS Beep Codes?

Thanks, I'm on my way to Tiger-Direct now.

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