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Average CPU temp in Acer Aspire V3?

New User

Average CPU temp in Acer Aspire V3?

I have an Acer Aspire V3-551-8458 and today I went to go check my CPU's average temp and it was 96-98 degrees Celsius. My CPU is a AMD A8-4500M. Is this way to high of an average running temp for my computer/CPU?


Re: Average CPU temp in Acer Aspire V3?

I have an Aspire V3 551 8479, and I have the same temp issue. I'd really like to know why this is. Rather not have my computer melt while I'm doing anything demanding on my laptop.

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Mainframe Wrangler

Re: Average CPU temp in Acer Aspire V3?

You're approaching the boiling point of water. There are several possible causes of your problems.


 How are you getting these readings? The one professional review of the V3-551 (I know you have two different versions) says that it runs cool. At those temperatures, you wouldn't be able to touch it without burning your hand. In fact, the review gave a similar reading to what you are getting, except that it was in Fahrenheit. Try downloading the free Core Temp program, which I know to be reliable.


It's possible that your fan has failed, but I think that either you have a bad temperature program, or else you are getting Fahrenheit temperatures.


Hope this helps.

Re: Average CPU temp in Acer Aspire V3?

I downloaded the suggested program, very good one BTW, and my laptop is indeed running at ridiculous temperatures (as my other program had said. And yes it does hurt to touch it for more than a second).



My fan IS working. But it doesn't turn on very often. I had read somewhere that new laptops are built more "environmentally friendly", so the fans don't stay on very long. Sure as hell hope that isn't true.

Die Hard

Re: Average CPU temp in Acer Aspire V3?

Control panel -> Power Options -> Current Selected plan - Change Plan Settings -> Change Advanced Power Settings -> Processor Power Managment -> System Cooling Policy -> ACTIVE

Mainframe Wrangler

Re: Average CPU temp in Acer Aspire V3?

Well, we know that you aren't using Fahrenheit. Try the method in the previous post, and if that doesn't work, try this:


Core Temp, as well as most temperature monitor programs, doesn't actually measure your core temperatures. It merely reports what your own computer finds. Quite frankly, I doubt that your rig is running at 98C. When you put your hand over the exit vent, does the air coming out actually burn your hand? Is your rig so hot that you can't leave your hand on it? Incidentally, if you are running that hot, your battery is getting ready to explode.


I recommend that you take it to a shop and explain your problem. I think that your laptop's built-in temperature monitor is giving you a false reading.

Hope this helps.

Re: Average CPU temp in Acer Aspire V3?

I already configured the power settings the day I got it (and I have cooling ALWAYS set to active).


I have my doubts about the temperature as well, I imagine it's just a false reading from the sensor. My brother (has the same laptop) bought a cooling pad yesterday, and I've had it on the unit all day. I'm still getting a ~98°reading, though it IS now cool to the touch.


Also, I read here ( in the first comment near the bottom:
"The thing gets quite warm, but not as warm as I'd expected! According to HWMonitor (I have read that this is a bug), the CPU temperature reads at a gobsmacking 80º when you first turn the thing on, going up to 120º under load, which is impossible because AMD states the chip stops working at around 100º, and the thing doesn't feel THAT hot. The GPU temperature, which apparently stays around the 50º mark, is quite respectable though."