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Aspire v5 - Can't use Acer Recovery Management

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I am unable to use my Acer Recovery Management program. When I click on the icon for it nothing happens. When I follow instructions from community info I am bounced back to Acer Community. Anybody know what the problem is?

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Re: Aspire v5 - Can't use Acer Recovery Management

If you're just trying to do a recovery just do this. Turn off your unit, now press and hold the ALT button to the left of the spacebar. Dont't let go of the ALT button at all through this process. Now turn on the unit and start tapping on the F10 key at the top of your keyboard. Do this before you see the Acer logo or anything else and don't forget, you hold ALT the whole time. Now you should see a message that pops up saying Windows is Loading Files. This means it's working. From here you can do a full system recovery.

If you're just trying to burn recovery disks and you're unable to get into the program this takes care of that too. When it's finished you'll be able to access the recovery program within Windows and burn the disks.

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