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Aspire: how to screen resolution?

The card on my Aspire 5742G shows that the best resolution is 1366x768.  Any suggestions how I can improve this (eyes straining - must be my age).  Would a quality external monitor offer any improvement or am I restricted to this setting?  Is changing the graphic card an option?  Thanks for your advice.  MC



Re: Aspire: how to screen resolution?

MC, I looked up your rig, and you have a video card that concentrates on speed, making it suitable for high-end games if you lower their resolution. And of the three reviews I found, one did point out that you might have to lower the resolution.


But if you're not playing high-end games, your video card is more than adequate. I suspect that the size of your monitor is the real problem and a larger, external monitor will help. But I have another surprise solution, that an eye doctor told me.


Eyeglasses are not meant for close work. He told me that I could read fine if I took my glasses off. Even when I have new glasses, I find that I can see my monitor better without them. This applies to both my laptop and my desktop.

Hope this helps.
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Re: Aspire: how to screen resolution?

Vince 53,  Thanks for the input.  Tried glasses off and it was a struggle so I will go with a larger monitor.  I may even upgrade the graphics card (if that's possible) if the resolution doesn't improve.  MC

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