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Aspire e380 t180 won't boot

Hello, I have been trying to figure out what is wrong with this desktop for a couple of weeks with no results.

When the desktop is Powered on the hard drive indicator turns red and the CPU fan spin and that's it. With a press of the power button or holding the power button the computer will not turn off.


Thinking that it was a bad board I ordered a replacement and encountered same results. Went with a replacement CPU and same results.


Removed both memory modules and same results on both boards and cups.


Removed cmos battery with same results.


Unplugged hard drive and optical drive same results.


Powered on both boards outside the case from shorting the jumper pins and they both power on with the same results.


Tried with a different power supply and same results.


The only thing I have not tried is with a different stick of memory, but even still no post beeps or anything. Any other suggestions ?



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Re: Aspire e380 t180 won't boot

Have you attempted to replace the video cable or monitor that you are connecting it to?

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Re: Aspire e380 t180 won't boot

Tried with different cable and monitor same results.

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