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Aspire V3 471g Windows 8 OEM Recovery



can someone help me?


I just bought a acer aspire v3 471g windows 8 single language oem notebook. A friend of mine managed to screw up my new laptop. I was not able to create back factory default using a 16gb flash drive.


I was attempting to restore my laptop to its out-of-the-box factory settings. 


The problem is while attempting to create a backup first hand, the erecovery management wont allow me because it says the hard drive configuration was not set. Recovery Aborted/


I got frustrated.


I entered BIOS chose LEGACY BIOS and enable D2D Recovery. In order to use Alt+F10 feature because I dont have a backup image or flash drive. 


While trying to use alt+F10 "It says cannot find bootable device." Im aware I have a 15gb oem push button reset partition. Why it ss not working??????


It seems the recovery partition is locked... not configured or something.



I just want to restore it to its factory settings....... tnx

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Re: Aspire V3 471g Windows 8 OEM Recovery

Hi darkveg,

Refer the article on reseting the acer latop to factory setting. Hope this helps!

#Thanks and Regards,

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Re: Aspire V3 471g Windows 8 OEM Recovery

Tnx for the reply pal,


The problem is when I opened the image of the recovery partition I cant find aimdrs.dat or the mbrwrwin.exe and rtmbr.bin. Theres no password.


Sometime ago I used the windows 8 "Reset PC Settings" from boot but it says the windows partition cannot be accessed. It seems its locked or something.


I used R-Drive Image Software to create an image of the recovery partition.


A folder named RecoveryImage contains a 'OEM folder and install.wim file (12.9gb).e 


other information:


It seems I cant even reformat this unit. Cant do dual booting. The BIOS is in UEFI and the D2D Push Button can only b seen if its in Legacy Bios. 






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Re: Aspire V3 471g Windows 8 OEM Recovery

hi darkveg

i am also going through the same problem. i have push button reset partition intact but cant restore nor make backup through acer recovery and alt+f10 does not work for me.

actually i used eauses partition master to partition my hdd and i have now reverted back to default configuration but still no luck. 

did u find any solution?

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Re: Aspire V3 471g Windows 8 OEM Recovery

i have found a sol if u need it then pm me.

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Re: Aspire V3 471g Windows 8 OEM Recovery

I have the same problem..Man Sad

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Re: Aspire V3 471g Windows 8 OEM Recovery

Can you show me the solution the problem?

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Re: Aspire V3 471g Windows 8 OEM Recovery

how?? i also have that problem... i can't restart it .. what to do?

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Re: Aspire V3 471g Windows 8 OEM Recovery

Hi guys,


I was able to solve my problem by external means. I went back to the Acer Store where I bought my notebook. The only solution was:


"Created a recovery flash drive taken from another unit with same model and version."


After that, I inserted the recovery flash drive and booted from it, then I was given the options for restore factory settings.


You must boots from the recovery flash drive.


That was it.


I hope that helps!



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