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Aspire S7-391 RAM & SSD upgrade

Ladies and Gentlemen,


I would like to know if there is a way to upgrade the 4 GB RAM to 8GB. Also interested in if I can upgrade the 256GB SSD to 512GB SSD.

Also interested in the official way and the 'not-supported-but-accomplishable" way.


PS: how many SO-DIMM slot(s) in the S7 series?




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Re: Aspire S7-391 RAM & SSD upgrade

The S7 has NO user replaceable parts, even the battery. The whole base of the S7 needs to be removed to access anything. So any RAM/SSD changes will void the warranty.


The service manual is available here. Interestingly it also points to faster clock speed i5 and i7 processors and various SSD vendors. But the RAM is only listed as 4GB at any point in the guide.



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Re: Aspire S7-391 RAM & SSD upgrade

Hello wierra,  what the last comment say about voiding the warranty is not true. when you buy the unit it comes with a 1 year warranty. Now please keep in mind if you are trying to upgrade the S7 you generally want to make sure a trained tech is the person doing the upgrade. never try to upgrade the unit if you feel as if you may be able to. The warranty will not cover damages you cause trying to upgrade. good luck Smiley Happy

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Re: Aspire S7-391 RAM & SSD upgrade

Careful here. If you change a component that is not meant to be changed, THEN a failure occurs, and you send the laptop back to Acer with a different SSD or RAM in it, you will find they use this as an excuse to void the warranty. I speak from experience. You would have to put back the old components before sending in for warranty. The SSDs and RAM on this laptop are not meant to be changed or replaced.

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Re: Aspire S7-391 RAM & SSD upgrade

Good day Wierra


Also note that the ram on the S7 -391 is onboard ram and its already on its maximum i.e 4Gig. The SSD you can upgrade, but the ram, no




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