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Aspire S7 - 391 Bluetooth Issue - Acer Bluetooth Mouse cannot be detected

[ Edited ]

After certain recent Windows updates,  Charm Bar > Network (Airplane mode OFF) > at Wifi Off condition, I cannot turn on Wifi again. The Wifi on/off bar did not respond to my click.  Acer bluetooth mouse then did not work or could not be detected.  The bluetooth mouse led kept blinking.  Wifi disconnected. I was forced to roll back Windows system. After that, though wifi connection works, the bluetooth mouse cannot be detected by S7.  At Control Penal > Program Features, I cannot uninstall "Qualcomm Atheros WLAN and Bluetooth Client Installation Program".


I felt frustrated with both the wifi and bluetooth issues of S7 and get tired to find ways out for the system. 


I now use a wired mouse until future Windows updates or wifi/bluetooth combo driver can improve the stability of the system.







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Re: Aspire S7 - 391 Bluetooth Issue - Acer Bluetooth Mouse cannot be detected

Good day


Download and install the latest bluetooth driver from: http://support.acer.com/us/en/product/default.aspx?tab=1&modelId=4533




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Re: Aspire S7 - 391 Bluetooth Issue - Acer Bluetooth Mouse cannot be detected

Hi freeza,


I have tried to install the latest standalone bluetooth driver Version 8.0.0000.0206.  I was told that I have had driver later than that and the installation was being stopped.  I think I had installed the latest combo driver Version 

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Re: Aspire S7 - 391 Bluetooth Issue - Acer Bluetooth Mouse cannot be detected

I _did_ update to latest bluetooth driver from http://support.acer.com/us/en/product/default.aspx?tab=1&modelId=4533 

However, my mouse still stops randomly after a while.  Turning it on/off doesn't seem to help reactivate it either.  I have to sleep Windows and re-awaken to get my mouse back.  How can I get this fixed?

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Re: Aspire S7 - 391 Bluetooth Issue - Acer Bluetooth Mouse cannot be detected

Update from my experiences:

- loading Bluetooth driver v8.0.0000.0206 from 10/16/2012 is waste of time.  It doesn't seem to help mouse disconnect att all and may have even made issue worse

- loading Wireless Lan drivers (new) v10.0.0.217.v3 from 12/28/2012 includes later Bluetooth update.  It would be nice if this was clearly described.  I had to "install" this 2 times.  After 1st "install" mouse was completely dead.  Re-runninng install, and using Repair mode finally got mouse working although this repair lasted more than 5 (scary) minnutes.  After 1 day of fairly heavy system usage, my mouse seems better.


The support from Acer is disappointing.  I will recommend to folks that they NOT purchase Acer systems due to poor support.  The Bluetooth driver v8.0.0000.0206 from 10/16/2012 should not be posted.  The Wireless Lan drivers (new) v10.0.0.217.v3 from 12/28/2012 shoudl be clearly marked as for LAN _and_ Bluetooth.  The download site is pig slow.  And support apparently doesn't respond or try to help.

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Re: Aspire S7 - 391 Bluetooth Issue - Acer Bluetooth Mouse cannot be detected

My "fix" for airplane mode disabling wi-fi was to do a fresh install of Windows 8.  However, that "killed" getting acer bluetooth mouse to work properly.  I know bluetooth is working because I can pair bluetooth phone to s7-391, but I just can't pair the mouse.


I definitely would not recommend others to buy acer unless they are willing to mess with the system.  It's really not for your general user base.  Some of home fixes I've seen in this forum include:


- open up the back to fix noisy mouse pad

- update BIOS and driver

- possibly re-install OS


I bought s7-391 for my daughter who liked the form-factor, but I definitely would not recommend to others until a lot of these bugs are fixed. 

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Re: Aspire S7 - 391 Bluetooth Issue - Acer Bluetooth Mouse cannot be detected

any solutions?  My Bluetooth mouse isn't working.

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Re: Aspire S7 - 391 Bluetooth Issue - Acer Bluetooth Mouse cannot be detected

Here was my solution to no bluetooth:  first, I have an Acer Aspire S7-391 with Windows 8 pre-loaded. I have not decided whether to keep it yet (I don't love Win8 yet, but this is an Acer problem -- not Win8). This is long but may help others (since it seems to be a common problem).   Short version is that you may have to take some steps on your own, with no help from Acer update manager or Windows 8. 
Out of the box I got the S7 set up quickly, including W-Fi. sweet.  The Acer update manager came up and listed two updates, and I figured it was good to grab those, since who knows when the computer was actually built, etc.  Very slow download for two items:  Intel HD Graphics Driver; and Qualcomm Atheros Bluetooth Suite (64), including Qualcomm Atheros WiFi driver installation 11.43.   Fine, done, I figure they're installed.
Moving on to my Acer Bluetooth mouse now, which came in the box with the S7 (was only using touchscreen and keypad up to this point), I see nothing in instrux about how to connect the mouse.  I search the web and find a post on the Acer website, which is when I realize Bluetooth is not working --  I can't toggle Bluetooth on like the instructions said.  I go to Acer site, Qualcomm site, etc., for a solution; I find lots of questions but no definitive answers.   Ultimately, after system restore back to the out of the box point (dumping the two downloads, since I don't know if that's what killed the Bluetooth or whether it never was working), then another restore to get the downloads back because the first restore didn't fix bluetooth, ULTIMATELY I realized the INSTALLER didn't automatically install.  Now, it's called WiFi installation, and I didn't want to touch it because my WiFi was working fine, just not the Bluetooth.   But on the Qualcomm site I saw that it's a suite, and I took a chance on running the installer, since nothing else had worked.  And that finally did fix the Bluetooth. 
After downloading the Qualcomm items as above, here's what I had to do:
on my Acer S7 go to SETTINGS > Control Panel > Programs > Uninstall
you'll see the list of all your programs
scroll down to the Qualcomm Atheros WiFi driver installation and select it (you are NOT uninstalling it, in spite of the fact that you're in the "uninstall" window...your options are to change, repair or uninstall)
once you click that installation item in the list, select change/install, and follow the install Wizard instructions
RESTART YOUR COMPUTER!!  (this was the magic last step, and nowhere did the installer say to do this!)
Ok, good luck, I hope this helps you. 

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Re: Aspire S7 - 391 Bluetooth Issue - Acer Bluetooth Mouse cannot be detected

That was dangerous advice. I did that and it removed the Wifi drivers completely. Upon reboot, I had no wifi anymore and the Acer did NOT roll back automatically to an old driver. I just lost bluetooth and wifi.


I had to go back to an old restore point, but I would not recommend doing the above suggestion.


My bluetooth slider is still grayed out. Can't figure out what the deal is.

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Re: Aspire S7 - 391 Bluetooth Issue - Acer Bluetooth Mouse cannot be detected

If you update your bios it will probably work again, but i deletes muy driver after that update and my bluetooth was greyed again ...

Now even with bios update i can't make it work, any help ?

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