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Aspire M3985 Memory Card Reader Problem

The built-in memory card reader on my Aspire M3985 recently stopped working properly. When a memory card with files contained on it is put into the reader the reader's light lights up like it is beginning to read the card but it comes up and says that the card has to be formatted. I have tried several other cards and it says the same thing. I'm trying to read SD memomry cards.


I've seen online that some Windows 7 updates can cause a problem and wonder if this is the cause. The system's device manager says the reader is working correctly and also says that it has up-to-date drivers.


Any advice?

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Re: Aspire M3985 Memory Card Reader Problem

Try to download the latest driver, unistall the reader, disable it, restart your computer, then re-enable it and install the new drivers.  See if this solves your problem...

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Re: Aspire M3985 Memory Card Reader Problem

Tried this procedure and it's was no help....any other ideas?


Does anyone know what brand of memory card reader Acer puts in these machines? If I knew maybe I could find an upgraded driver.

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Re: Aspire M3985 Memory Card Reader Problem

Also, how do I find out the brand of my internal card reader so I can see if the manufacturer has an updated driver?

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