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Aspire E1-571 Windows 8 to Windows 7

Hi all,


I made a BIG mistake yesterday when hurrying a downgrade. I have just bought the above laptop (2 days old) and wanted to run Windows 7 instead. As part of the installation to Win 7, I deleted all partitions (I know, stupid!! I was in a hurry) so I ahve deleted the backup/Image recovery and whatever other files were located in those partitions.

A few questions I am hoping you can help with? The laptop keeps looping and wont load into Windows 7. Any ideas? Has anyone managed to install Win 7 from Windows 8 on this laptop?


I have changed the BIOS to legacy adn tried reinstalling Win 7, and I have changed the HD boot to be IDE instead of AHCI and still no luck.


I would dearly love a simple Windows 7 install, but at the moment, I cant see it happening, can anyone show me the light?



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Re: Aspire E1-571 Windows 8 to Windows 7

Sorry for boosting but I would really appreciate an answer.



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Re: Aspire E1-571 Windows 8 to Windows 7

hey just wondering did you ever get a fix to this .. kinda in a similiar situation Smiley Happy 

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Re: Aspire E1-571 Windows 8 to Windows 7

I just downgraded successfully from win 8 to win 7.
first, you must download hirens boot cd 15.2 from web, and have on them parted magic, use that software biceause, must changed partition table from gpt to msdos, and than you may install new win 7. Of course, you must change BIOS boot sequence before that, from UEFI, to legacy BIOS, and that's all.

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