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Aspire E1-531 - Which wireless adapter/driver to use?



I've downgraded to Windows 7 (from Windows 8) on my Aspire E1-531. Unfortunately, I don't know which driver to install for the wireless adapter — Atheros, Broadcom or Intel? I ran the hardware detection utility and it only displays results for VGA and LAN. Nothing about the wireless card.


In System > Device Manager > Other Devices, I have a listing for Network Controller which is looking for a driver (I assume this is the wireless controller since all the other drivers, devices, etc. are working fine).


I've tried installing each of the drivers, one-by-one, but no luck.


Does anyone have any advice on how I get the wireless working on this laptop?




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Re: Aspire E1-531 - Which wireless adapter/driver to use?

If I recall, the identification software notes that a device needs to be switched on to be properly detected - if you have a switch for your wireless adaptor, see if you can turn it on, then re-run the sofware.


If you have any restore discs that came with your laptop, you may be able to browse the disc for what device drivers were on it.  From there, it should specify what manufacuter made your wireless adaptor.


Short of those two, if you're still under warranty, you may be able to contact acer with your system's serial number and get information on your system devices that way.

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Re: Aspire E1-531 - Which wireless adapter/driver to use?

Yea, I've tried getting assitance from Acer and they basically said to just try the drivers one-by-one and one should work. But, they're not working and they're of no further help aside from "Install Windows 8".

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Re: Aspire E1-531 - Which wireless adapter/driver to use?

The issue is that laptops are very proprietary - they are basically meant to be used as-is.  Once a user changes the OS, support for it can become very complicated.  Some manufacturers simply won't help at all because of it.


What it may come down to is, infact, reinstalling windows 8, and then checking the device manager for what wireless device is listed.  It's time consuming, but it should give you the info that you need.  If you have your restore disc, all the proper drivers should be automatically installed.


Once you know who the manufacturer is, you could also try contacting them directly for the best driver available, although don't be surprised if they direct you back to Acer - drivers can also become proprietary for things like this.

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Re: Aspire E1-531 - Which wireless adapter/driver to use?

Yea, well, they provide Windows 7 drivers on their support page for this model, and the model is listed as supporting Windows 7 and support assisted me in the downgrade to Windows 7. And really, they should at least be able to tell me WHICH manufacturer's driver to use, regardless of the OS. All I want to know is who the manufacturer is of the wireless card in the laptop. They can't even tell me that.

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