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Aspire E1-531 Laptop Network problem

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I bought an Aspire E1-531 Laptop with windows 8. everytime I turn on the laptop the computer is suppose to pick up my wifi. But sometimes it doesn't so I try to connect the wifi but it tells me something wrong with my network adapter or how I connect to the internet. When I get the computer to check for problem and fix it the problem always seems to be the network adapter not working. So I ask the computer to fix the problem and it does. Other times I just disconnect the adapter and then enable it manually. This is a problem as my parents and my wife complain everytime the internet will not connect to this computer and I consistently find it is the network adapter that is causing the problem. How can I fix this so that when I am not around my wife and parents can use my laptop and connect to the internet without worrying about the network adapter.


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Re: Aspire E1-531 Laptop Network problem

Good day


If your machine has Atheros Wireless adapter, download and install the latest wireless driver: from


If the machine came with broadcom wireless adapter, it came with a version 6 wireless driver. Update the driver online. It will roll it back to version 5 as the wireless adapter on that machine performs better on on version 5 for Windows 8



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Re: Aspire E1-531 Laptop Network problem

my laptop doesnt have any network adapter and i have been downloading and installing wireless drivers for acer (ateros,broadcom, and intel) but it doesnt show.. please i need your help.

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Re: Aspire E1-531 Laptop Network problem

Hi, I am having the same fustrating problem, tried downloading the wireless device, what I thought to be the right one, every time I go on my laptop wether I have shut it down or left it for 10 minutes I have to spend time trouble shooting the wireless problem, I am getting so fustrated with this, it is not even two weeks old so may take it back and get another model. 

I dont usually give in with these things but its beyond a joke, saying that when it finally gets up and running it is great, PLEASE help, as Friday without any joy I will return the laptop. 

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Re: Aspire E1-531 Laptop Network problem

I wanted to post an update to anyone suffering from poor wifi or network issues with the E1 531.


I have the model with an Intel B960 and a Broadcom wifi chipset which has a hardware ID in device manager of PCI\VEN_14E4&DEV_4727&SUBSYS_E042105B&REV_01


The default driver sucked, and the one Windows 8 installed automatically and said was the best driver also sucked.


I hunted around and found the best driver!  This one fixed my speed issues, as I was able to download torrents at 800k from my macbook air, but only 200k from the Acer E1 531.


After I installed this driver, speeds are back to the maximum of my internet connection.




ASUS PCE-AC66 driver
OS Support : Wins 7 (32&64)
9,43 MBytes update 2013.02.22


This is definitely the best driver for this laptop, hands down.


You are welcome.

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Re: Aspire E1-531 Laptop Network problem

Hello everyone,

While our members are generally eager to provide useful information, be advised that Acer does not validate third party external links for downloads and is not responsible for them.

Acquiring files through such links is at the user’s own risk.

Remember to mark posts that resolved your issue with Accept as Solution. You can even mark multiple posts in a single thread. This will make it easier for others to find the same information.  Use the kudos-thumbs-up.png Give Kudos button to offer a thumbs-up for good post content and a pat on the back to the author.

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Re: Aspire E1-531 Laptop Network problem

Hi Freeza, I recently purchased an Acer E1-531 laptop for my daughter and upon starting the web browser (IE/Chrome)

the posted issues of slow/non-connectivity surfaced.  The laptop came with the Broadcomm Wireless adapter.

Based on  your adviseinthecommunitypostIdownloadedthelowerleveldevicedriverandthebrowser(s)worked!


I'm new to the Acer community and would like to thank you for your post as it help out 100%!


Perhaps for all new laptop/system setups an auto-update could be done to help prevent these sort of "startup" issues for new Acer customers.


Sincerely yours, AP_in_RH

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Re: Aspire E1-531 Laptop Network problem



Great advice, thank you for sharing.Iinstalling this driver made a huge improvement.

I recommend installing this driver if you are having slow/intermittent wifi connection

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Re: Aspire E1-531 Laptop Network problem

Hello Zan5hin.  Glad to hear updating the driver helped.  Note to the Acer Community at large, perform a speed test to make sure that the wireless is actually getting the proper speed.  I have read a number of posts on the internet with other customers having issue with this model of laptop. My E1-531 laptop originally came with the Broadcom

wireless chipset.  My machine actually had to be repaired twice!  First time was a bad motherboard (suddenly would not turn on) then 1 week later the actual wireless chipset failed (was probabaly also bad from the start)  and was replaced by Acer Repair facility to an Atheros chipset.  Not saying that there is anything wrong with Broadcom but the Atheros is working amazing.


Old chipset was getting less than 1MBPS....with Atheros over 30MPBS Wi-Fi.


I guess sometimes you just get a bad system. Thankfully, the good folks at Acer Repair have brought my laptop back from the brink!  I own other Acer products and have had no problems.  The laptop scared(!!!!!)  me given the issues from day 1....thankfully though things seem resolved (fingers crossed).  If you need support from Acer make sure you get your case handled by the call center (first line) to put you in touch with the good folks in Acer Texas (it is via "escalation") as they are the ones that can really get things moving when all else fails. 

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