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Aspire 5733 shuts itself down

New User

Aspire 5733 shuts itself down

I have a 15-month-old Aspire and it shuts itself down after 2-3 minutes from being turned on, no matter what.

Prior to this, it worked normally until one night I turned it off but it refused to power down. The screen was off but the fan kept going crazy and made a loud noise, and the computer didn't react to anything. I had to hold down the power button for it to shut down. The problems started after this.


Not only does it shut itself down constantly, but when booting I get random BIOS errors, such as:
"Error sending end of post message to ME"


I can't update bios, for example, because the computer shuts down so quickly I can barely get to see the desktop.


The laptop was faulty when I bought it (brand new). It kept lagging all the time and I actually sent it to Acer TWICE. They replaced the motherboard, re-installed Windows and ran some tests on it. Warranty expired 3 months ago and now the whole laptop is useless.

Is there something I can do? I've now taken apart and reassembled the whole laptop since warranty's void anyhow. Nothing seemed to be off, there's no dust etc.

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Re: Aspire 5733 shuts itself down

I have a similar problem with my 5742Z.  No help from Acer!

I can tell you this: (I) NEVER BUY ANOTHER ACER!!!

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Re: Aspire 5733 shuts itself down

Still any help..??


Re: Aspire 5733 shuts itself down

If running W7 and I imagine with W8 as well, try a little experiment. Reduce processor usage

by 10 or 20%. Go to control panel > power options > click advanced options > pull the sub

menu down and open up the processor usage window open and drop usage from 100% to

say 80%, save changes and see what happens. I believe this is built in thermal protection

built into the unit either in the motherboard, BIOS, graphics chip, or core to heat sink.


I have the same issue on a 7520 when viewing vids from youtube, etc, but not when

playing saved movies. I haven't found the solution yet, but continue on the quest.

I feel getting as much cooling air into the unit's is critical. I have a 5741 as well that

I have modified with different core, hard drive, memory, wifi, etc and it hasn't done

this yet.


Anyway you might give the usage reduction a try and see what happens.


Also make sure hybrid sleep is disabled and adjust all sleep options to not sleep

until you figure this out. When taking the heat sink from the processor and gtaphics

chip, make sure to use high quality thermal compound. You may have to use a thermal

pad on the graphics chips because sometimes the height of the core chip mat be a bit

higher that the graphics chip allowing a bit of open space between the graphics chip

and heat sink. One might use a brass shim or the proper thickness for this as well.


High end thermal paste is Arctic Silver 5 or Gelid Extreme or Shin Etsu G751 or like.

Pads should be high end silicon avail on ebay as well as brass shims. For a little better

cooling, I use a product called Laptop Lifts which are a pack or thicker = higher sitting

rubber pads and strips to raise the height of my lappy's a bit. Work pretty, not really

worth the 14.00 dollars, but anything that will help cool an Acer is a plus.



ACE Pioneer

Re: Aspire 5733 shuts itself down

Or prop it up a bit and place a fan behind it so air is blowing on the bottom. This does sound like a thermal failure from not enough cooling. "fan kept going crazy and made a loud noise" does sound like a fan death.


If you can get it to stay running you might find a program called SPEEDFAN and see what kind of temperatures it is seeing.

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Re: Aspire 5733 shuts itself down

Thanks for the help guys, but it didn't work.


I reduced CPU usage to 80%, didn't help.


I installed Speedfan, it showed nothing wrong. Core temp is about 40 celsius ja CPU usage is minimal even right until the moment of shutdown.


My problem is exactly the same as this guy here:


Does this help?