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Adjusting contrast and brightness

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Glad to be with you. Hopefully you can give me the help I seek from cold Chicago.

I own an Aspire 5600U all-in-one computer running Windows 8 64 bits and I would like to adjust the contrast and brightness. I found the buttons on the right side that seemingly allow me to do that but I can't figure out how to use them. There is no reference to them in the users manual. The display is beautiful but too contrasty for photo work and I'd like to tone it down a bit to more closely approximate the printouts.

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Re: Adjusting contrast and brightness

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Welcome Gerry.

I am not familiar with your model so cannot comment on screen adjustment in the way you describe. (Not a good start! Hopefully another contributor will advise.)


However, you may wish to investigate monitor profiling. The industry standard way of modifying your screen characteristics is by way of ICC profiles. You can gain further information here (or Google 'screen profile windows 8'):


Have a look in your control panel for 'Colour Management' where you can make modifications. You can also calibrate your monitor from here. You may also find a number of pre-installed profiles that you could perhaps evaluate and experiment with.


The more professional approach is to use hardware which will 'read' your screen and create profile files to suit. However, this does not come cheap and is likely beyond the requirements of the average user. Hopefully colour management will do the trick.


Oh and don't forget to turn the heating up!


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Re: Adjusting contrast and brightness

Thanks. I'lll check out your suggestions.
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