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Acer you are the best laptop maker

I am writing today in regards to how happy I am with Acer as the company supplier of my laptop.

This acer I am on now, I bought in 2008. after the cash back and education rebate the laptop ended up costing me around $200. The only on going issue is when im typing and not looking, the flashing bar will end up above in the middle of a word i have already typed. Frustrating when writing a long email.


13 Months ago I ventured out to buy a second newer laptop that i could play new release games on. I went with a competitor. Biggest mistake of my life. The graphics card failed and it was 11 days out of warranty and I hadnt paid "extended warranty". $697 down the drain or $500 for new motherboard.


Acer you should be so proud, you have one happy customer that will never leave you again



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