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Acer vs. Gateway

Twelve years ago I purchased an Acer Aspire 9410-4933. After it had gone through 2 home fires and a flood I was afraid it would die soon and bought a Gateway.


Within one year the Gateway burnt itself up in the power connection. I was told it would cost $80.00 just to look at it plus whatever it cost to get it fixed. I am on disability and don't have $80.00 just to have someone look at the Gateway and tell me what's wrong.


I pulled out my old faithfull Acer and have been using it ever since. What laptop do I recommend, Acer of course.

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Re: Acer vs. Gateway

I have a Gateway and Acer was actually the manufacturer. It is possible yours is the same. Check the BIOS and info from CPUz.

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Re: Acer vs. Gateway



Acer purchased Gateway some five years ago.  The models sold are all Acer brand products now but the name Gateway was kept for certain products.


Good day.

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Re: Acer vs. Gateway

I purchased my 1st acer 3 years ago and that is exactly how long it lasted.  1 year past warranty and the hard drive is going.  There support stinks and cannot find help anywhere.  Will not buy another Acer, any suggestions ?

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