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Acer's FTP site & what I found there (Acer Empowering Technology)


Acer's FTP site & what I found there (Acer Empowering Technology)

I have an old Aspire 5050. Runs like sludge, but I think a fresh install of XP would improve things. I assembled the correct drivers & utilities, but one thing was still missing: Acer Empowering Technology, which includes:


Acer Empowering Technology Framework 2.3.2026

Acer ePower Management 2.0.2030

Acer ePresentation Management 2.0.2014

Acer eDataSecurity Management 2.0.3079

Acer eRecovery Management 2.0.2025

Acer eSettings Management 2.3.2020

Acer ePerformance Management 2.0.2009


Obviously, these are not all equally useful, but the "downloads" area of Acer's website seemed useful only for finding "drill down" results. And those didn't include what I was looking for. So I searched externally, eventually using the argument "Acer FTP." Bingo, an Acer FTP site. Found all but one of the components there. Given that the Acer support site is not a model of searchability I'm glad to have found what I did.


Still looking for Acer eRecovery Management 2.0.2025. Help me out if you know...


And, if you didn't know about it, here's the URL: it may come in handy: