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Acer aspire v5 wont boot

I got a new acer v5 have used it like 15 times since getting it, i turned it on tonite and it crashed windows 8 gave me the "your computer crashhed message" and said it was collecting data, then the screen went blank and it wont turn on now. the light comes on to show theres power going through the screen but theres no picture its not loading its not even reaching the bios, its a brand new laptop.
any help would be greatfully aprecieated

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Re: Acer aspire v5 wont boot

Hi Daniel!


If you can't access BIOS or the eRecovery program (ALT & F10), then I'd suggest to return the laptop back to where you bought it from. As it is new, it will still be under warranty.


You may also check out Acer support for your region. This will give you details on how to contact Acer with your problem.

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