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Acer Recovery Management (Aspire V3-571G)


Acer Recovery Management (Aspire V3-571G)

I was going to reset to Factory Settings through ARM and got the message roughly translated: "Configuration of the harddrive isn`t set to factory standards. Recovery aborted" Now this is the THIRD Acer computer I`ve had, and this is the first time I`ve gotten this error. I checked the recovery partition through partition magic, and the recovery partition is intact. The only thing I`ve done with the computer is to partition the main partition into two parts and relabled them to C:\ and D:\ By the way, the operating system is Windows 8 preinstalled. I suspect the problem is that I might have used a label that the Recovery partition was assigned originally had when I split the main partition. I seem to remember being annoyed over the main partition not being labeled C:\ Please help, I really need to have my computer up and running by the 15th of december. What do I need to do or check? I`ve already reset the bios to factory standards. And I don`t have any recovery discs, as I`ve always preferred a complete reset. Sincerely, Aurv
ACE Pathfinder

Re: Acer Recovery Management (Aspire V3-571G)

Hi aurv


Backup any data you have on your "D:" partition, then use Partition Magic to delete D: and extend drive C: (in other words, change the drive configuration to how it was originally).


Then try the recovery process.


I'd go ahead & make the recovery disks (if the system will let you)  - they're always handy to have if the hard drive or recovery partition fails!


Re: Acer Recovery Management (Aspire V3-571G)

I really appreciate the answer.
I've wondered about doing that. The problem is that when creating a new partition you often get small leftovers. I currently have two such small undesignated an unlabeled leftovers. One is 700kb, the other is 1mb if I remember it correctly. Any suggestion which ones to add to the merge?

Figured the partition merging would be my last option since I get a warning message that HD error might lead to the new merged partition not booting afterwards.

I was unable to make recovery disks.. I got the same Acer Recovery error when trying that. Alt+F10 doesn't work either.
ACE Pathfinder

Re: Acer Recovery Management (Aspire V3-571G)

It depends where the leftovers are on the disk, so try what you can! Try it and see.

If it still fails, then you may have to purchase the recovery disks from Acer support.

Let us know how you get on!